Friday, April 01, 2011


Betsy Abrams wove this great rag rug using a rose path threading and treadling.  She doubled the cotton rug warp and sett it at 6 ends per inch.  Something really colorful for the kitchen.

There is quite a story to this shawl, woven from handspun yarns. Sue Robertson (pictured) thinks that the wool yarns were spun by Dee Jones. The shawl was originally started at a public event (maybe the fair) and left unfinished on the triangle loom. Someone in the guild wanted to borrow the loom, so Sue carefully removed it in its unfinished state and when the triangle loom was again available, replaced it on the loom. This is a feat in itself! She set about finishing up the shawl, but found that she was getting short of colors for the fringe. So she had to set up crock pots for dyeing and discharging (in the middle of the winter) and she managed to get enough wool that matched to finish the shawl. And, it is a beauty.

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Judy said...

Nice colors on the rag rug. Rag rugs are so much fun to weave and nice to use when they are done.

The shawl looks like it will be nice to have and it's amazing that she put it back on the loom to finish it. That's dedication!