Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two Blue Scarves

One of the challenges the Not 2 Square Weavers gave themselves for this year, was to experiment with chenille.  Almost (if not all) of us have this yarn in abundance and we know we need to get over our fears about worming and start weaving with it. 

Diana Abrell brought this scarf to our latest meeting.  She used a 10/2 cotton warp, with supplemental warp threads in wool and rayon (the pink threads) sett at 20epi.  The variegated chenille in blues, was in a skein which had to be wound into balls.  The structure is plain weave, with floats every few picks for the supplemental warp.  No worming!

Now for Dee Jones' story about her scarf.  Jackie brought lots of embroidery floss as a give away to our group.  Dee used some of her skeins of blue in the weft of this scarf.  Here is what Dee says about this scarf:  "The embroidery floss was used as every other weft. Alternate weft was ringspun rayon, same as the warp. 16 skeins were used for a scarf 6 1/2" x 64". (7" in the reed, by probably about 70" measured on the loom."

Here is the draft from Anne Dixon's Handweaver's Pattern Directory, it is on page 76, the first pattern


Ingrid said...

Dee's scarf looks nice up close, but it is very elegant from a distance. Great use of embroidery floss.

Ingrid said...

Diana's scarf is lovely and soft. It looked like a perfect accessory for jeans.

Beryl Moody said...

I agree - Diana's scarf is a perfect jean scarf.