Thursday, April 25, 2013

We All Have to Start Somewhere - Part II

Here is Part 2 of our series highlighting how our very talented weavers got started.  Beryl & Igor learned to weave at the City College of San Francisco several years ago. 

Here are two examples of Beryl's early towels. You can definitely see her interest in complicated weave structures started early in her weaving experience when looking at the towel on the right.

A towel is a nice easy first project.

Igor shared two pieces with the group. The first is a sampler. He tried lots of different techniques and structures with this piece.  This was fairly long - the pictures highlight different parts of the sampler.  Even though many new weavers want to have their first piece be a finished item, weaving a sampler allows the student to have the freedom to experiment with structures, color and texture.

 His second piece is a scarf.  

Stay tuned for another installment of our early pieces.


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