Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Additional Fair Results

Here are more Nevada County fair entries.  The previous post had information about Wendy-Marie's Ferris Wheel scarf.  In addition she entered a bag and Mobius shawl and contributed to two collaboration bags made from bands.  She also submitted a rug. 
The bag was made from a tapestry piece by Wendy-Marie.  She used yardage from Beryl - both handwoven and commercially made (the lining is recycled from a kimono) and a kumihimo band. 
Bag with materials from various sources
Collaboration Bag I
Collaboration Bag II
Wendy-Marie was the guiding force behind three bags made mostly from back-strap or other woven bands.  She sewed the blue/green one on the right.
Ferris Wheel Scarf
Mobius Shawl
The Mobius shawl was woven using rayon chenille for warp and weft and ribbon in a plain weave pattern.  Once woven, it a seam was sewn to attach the ends. 

Wendy-Marie's last piece is a rug.  She wove this as part of a class with Jason Collingwood.  It's a first place winner.

Wendy-Marie's Rug
Marcy added several piece in the Fair as well. She had a baby blanket, two towels and a scarf.
The blanket was a mix warp.  There was a little boucle sparkle that gives it a little shine.  She also entered a scarf that is woven in a twill design in wool.

Marcy's Baby Blanket

Marcy's Scarf
Marcy's Towel I

Marcy's Towel II

Marcy's Towel II - detail  
The two towels were woven on the same warp, just using different weft colors. 
There are more entries that we will be posting, so stay tuned.

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