Thursday, September 10, 2015

...And Last But Not Least....

We finally get to the last two members to submit entries at the Nevada County Fair this year.  We have so many talented Not2S members.  Eileen is a newer member but has been a talented fiber artist for many years.  

The first shawl was entered into the Nevada County Inspiration.  The painted warp and plain weave structure really bring out the lovely colors of our county. 

The next two shawls also really show some beautiful color.  The multicolored shawl was woven with one skein of Vice yarn, a 80/20 merino/nylon blend.  The second is a beautiful plaid, slightly fulled.

Eileen's Shawl

Eileen's Plaid Shawl

Eileen also entered a plaid towel, a bag and a table covering.
Eileen's Towel

Eileen's Woven Bag
Eileen's Table Covering


Eileen entered a skein of hand spun wool.

This colorful sweater was knit with handspun yarn.


Eileen's Sweater

Eileen's Sweater - Back

Our last weaver is Ingrid.  She and Marcy have a friendly rivalry each year to see who can do better in the baby blanket category. Here's Ingrid's entry for this year as well as a lap robe.  Both were woven with a mixed cotton warp using plain weave.
Ingrid's Baby Blanket

Ingrid's Lap Robe

Ingrid submitted several scarves.  This one was for the Nevada County Inspiration category.  Her inspiration was our friend and mentor Dee.  Most of the yarn and ribbon Ingrid used were Dee's and she wove the scarf using one of Dee's designs - plain weave edges with a ribbon supplementary warp and twill center. 

Dee Inspired Scarf
Dee Inspired scarf - Detail

The other two towels - one using a turned twill on 8 shafts (in pink) and the other plain weave using sock yarn. 
Ingrid's Pink Scarf

Ingrid's Red Scarf

Ingrid also entered two towels.  These are 100% cotton woven in a twill pattern.

Ingrid's Towel

Ingrid's Other Towel

Finally, Ingrid submitted a shawl woven from local alpaca yarn, woven in a point twill design. 

So that's it for another Fair year, but there will be more updates on the Not 2 Squares before then.

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