Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Marcy's towels - with a few variations on the same threading

 Marcy shared a series of towels she has been weaving by tying on to her existing warp with new colors.  The original towel design is in Handwoven Collection #3, if you happen to have it and the towels are on the back cover.  Marcy didn't make plaid towels, however and used the stripe sequence three times across the warp and she added one of the neutral color stripes on each side to balance the design.

The towel below was woven on the first warp and the draft for this towel is directly below.

Broken twill
On the second warp, Marcy started using a different treadling sequence - and of course, new colors in her warp stripes.

And, the third warp with yet another color way. Using the draft directly above.  This gives a very textured finish to the towel which will be perfect for absorbency. 
But, we can't stop there.  Here are two more treadling variations to be tried with this versatile four shaft threading.
A tromp as writ version
treadled rosepath version

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