Saturday, January 23, 2016

More Scarves

Our weavers were busy in 2015 with the scarf challenge.  (Your busy blogger is behind in posting...)  Marcy selected a bag from Beryl with green Noro, bamboo and ivory rayon yarns.

Marcy's Brown Bag of Yarn

Marcy and Her Yarn

Marcy chose a 4-shaft pattern that combined the thick and thin yarns. 

She added a pink (of unknown fiber content)yarn as an accent in the green hand-dyed bamboo warp.  The weft was 2 shots of ivory rayon and 4 shots of multicolored Noro. 


Marcy sett the warp at 20 epi but felt that this was too loose. 

Scarf Detail

Eileen picked a real grab bag of yarns for her challenge.  The yarns are from Diana. 

Eileen's yarns

Eileen chose a 2/2 twill structure on four shafts.  She changed the twill direction whenever she felt like it while weaving.  It's quite a nice scarf - wide and long.
Eileen's scarf

Eileen's scarf - detail

There is at least one scarf left to share, but it needs to be woven first.

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