Sunday, August 14, 2016

It's County Fair Time Again

It is August and that means it's time for the County Fair.  Several of the Not 2 Square members have entered items into the Fair this year.  In the next several posts, we'll give you a look at the entries.  Your roving reporter doesn't have all of the details but we can show the pictures and perhaps offer some information about the pieces.

Diana entered several kitchen textiles and two scarves.  There are two cotton towels and a bread cloth.  The snow flake pattern, I believe is an 8-shaft Swedish snowflake pattern.

Diana's Towel

Diana's Towel

The draft for this cotton bread cloth is from Marguerite Davison's book- Molly Pitcher - on
page 91. 

Diana's Bread Cloth

Diana entered two scarves.   The one on the left looks like log cabin.  The one on the right is inspired by the Iris and Echo book on 8 shafts.

Diana's Scarf
Diana's Scar

Marcy entered two turned twill towels.  These were woven using design #228 from Carol Strickler's book.  Marcy tied on new warps and made a whole series of wonderful color combinations with this one turned twill pattern.  Here are two examples.

Sue entered a skein of spun wool.  This skein has a lovely thick and thin texture.

Sue's Yarn

Sue's Yarn


That's it for this post.  If we find out more details for these pieces, we'll post them here. 

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