Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Last But Not Least

The last two Not 2 Square members who entered items in the Fair are Mardi and Ingrid. They needed their own post because they were both pretty prolific this year.  

Mardi entered a wide variety of items: handspun skeins; woven basket; felted vessel; and some woven pieces.  

Mardi's Felted Vessel

Mardi's Nevada County Inspired Table Runner

Mardi's Scarf with Dyed Warp

Mardi's Scarf
Mardi's Potato Basket

Mardi's Handspun Skein

Mardi's Handspun Skein 2

Ingrid had woven entries and a felted vessel.

Ingrid's Baby Blanket

Ingrid's Felted Vessel

Ingrid's Scarf

Ingrid's Merino/Alpaca Shawl

Ingrid's Towel

Ingrid's Towel 2
Ingrid's Table Runner

Ingrid's Mountain Colors Shawl

Ingrid's Nevada County Inspired Yuba River Scarf
That's it for this year's entries.    

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