Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Last of the Weaver's Poker Challenge

We are looking back for a couple of years now, when Not 2 Square Weavers decided to do the Weaver's Poker Challenge.  Sue R. drew the following cards for her challenge.  Double Weave, Variegated Space Dyed yarn, Fibonacci Sequence, Random Stripes & Blue. 

 Sue decided to dig into learning all she could about Double Weave before she attempted to work on her challenge. At one of our meetings, someone was giving away their extra copies of Handwoven magazines and Sue picked up the issue from Summer 1983 with a couple of articles about weaving double weave on a rising shed loom. 
Sue studied this issue for a while before she embarked on her double weave sampler which contains all the elements in the cards she chose. The photo below looks like the Fibonacci series to me. and naturally the color blue.
Then variegated weft for this sample, which I think is probably double width weaving with the opening in the center of the warp.
Then random stripes - this time a pouch stuffed with poly fill and then woven closed.
And more double weave fun that wasn't in the "cards".  A lace weave on one layer of the double weave.
A pouch which is open on one end with a bit of fanciful fringe - and hemstitched (how did she do that?)
 Some color and weave effects.
And finally, a bit of pick up.

This project was very much in the spirit of the challenge.  Learn something new and have fun with all the experimenting.

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Ingrid said...

What a great way to fulfill the challenge and create an interesting double weave sampler. Congrats Sue!