Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Design Process Story

Mardi showed some beautiful scarves at the last meeting.  She shares her process in the narrative below.
The Process:

First I wanted to make a scarf using some knitting yarn left from an abandoned knitting project and used Cascade Sock yarn as the weft. The draft was something that I put together by taking some of the twill threading I liked from another project.  Unfortunately, the weft yarn ran out before planned and the scarf is a little shorter than planned, but still acceptable.  I decided to experiment with the remaining warp.

#1 - I used some homespun singles from some gray CVM that I had spun.  It compressed the twill but it was a little scratchy. (Igor liked that one.)
#2 - I used some alpaca knitting yarn that I had around, similar color but it had a larger grist.  It was very satisfactory in terms of softness.
#3 - I wanted to see what would happen if I used a color in the weft.  I didn't have anything that matched the magenta in the warp, but I had some wine colored yarn sitting on a bobbin and decided to use it.  The result was softer than the other 2 samples and I liked the color the best.  I might add that I never liked the warp yarn very much, so almost anything improved it.


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