Monday, August 20, 2018

The Last of the County Fair Entries

Diana and Ingrid are the two remaining Not 2 Square members with Fair entries this year.  

Diana entered six pieces:  Three towels, a table runner, a blanket and a wall hanging using Theo Moorman technique for the Nevada County Inspired category.

Diana's Towel

Diana's Blanket

Diana's Wall Hanging
Diana's Table Runner
Diana's Towel
Diana's Towel


Ingrid entered eight items:  Two scarves, two shawls, two towels, a scarf made using a friend's handspun yarn as the weft and a scarf for the Nevada County Inspired category.

Ingrid's Towel

Ingrid's Towel

Ingri'd Scarf

Ingrid's Scarf

Ingrid's Shawl

Ingrid's Shawl

Ingrid's scarf made with hand-spun weft
Ingrid's Nevada County Inspired Scarf

Congratulations to all of our members who entered - ribbons are not, they are all winners.

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Beryl Moody said...

Lovely fair entries this year. Congratulations, Ingrid, on the Nevada County Inspired scarf. It really captures the essence of the Yuba.