Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Reflections on my Plainweave Boucle Towels by Mardi Naythons

The inspiration for these towels came from an item in Jane Stafford’s studio, using similar colors.  From there, I decided to work on gradation, using Fibonacci sequences and division of space. 

The warp was made up of Boucle cotton and 5/2 cotton, which I wound together so that most of the time the boucle threads weren’t adjacent.  I also tried to use gradation in changing colors.

As I wove, I changed the weft colors as I went.  I had a basic plan, but I let the colors be my muse.  There were a few surprises along the way, for example, I had never considered using white in the weft, but it worked well.  Also, at the end of the warp, I decided to just use straight orange rather than putting in stripes.  It turned out that there was enough to make a towel, though it was slightly shorter than the others and I really liked it.


Charlene said...

Lovely towels. I am a member of Jane's Online guild as well - watched season 2 and have designed some of my own projects - your's are very different and love that Jane's design principals are so strong and general that the work is specific to the weaver.

Liz aka Fibergeek said...

Love your towels! This looks like a fun warp to work on.

Thank you for posting these photos.

spinne said...

They all look so pretty!