Sunday, November 22, 2009

November meeting part 2

Jackie brought yardage to the meeting that she hoped to turn into towels for Christmas gifts. The original color of the yardage appears in photo number 1. She was disappointed that the colors weren't as vibrant as she hoped, so we did a photoshop overdye of her cloth to see what might happen in a dye bath. Photo number 2 is a yellow overdye, photo 3 is magenta and photo 4 is green. I think that number 2 and 3 are probably fairly accurate renderings of what an overdye of the cloth would look like. I'm not so sure about the green filter because the red still shows as red, but it is interesting to play with a photoshop technique before you actually commit the fabric to the dye pot.

Jackie also brought this luscious chenille shawl destined to be sold at Shawls Unlimited (they called it Night Shadow). It is a big shawl, with perfectly twisted fringe that would make the ultimate in a luxury gift. The warp and weft are rayon chenille.

Sue H. wove this yardage and is still thinking about what it will become. The main part of the yardage is the blue in the top of the photo, but I wanted to show some of the colorwork at the end of the piece. Will certainly become something wonderful.
Sue has also been weaving towels for sale. Here are several from the stack she brought to show. Sue weaves a couple of towels, cuts them off the loom and then ties on a new warp with a new color sequence for a fresh look.

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