Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What we are up to this fall

At a meeting this past August, we decided to weave scarves for teen age foster kids in our county that would be given to them as gifts during the holidays. To make it a bit more of a challenge, we set up an exchange of yarns hidden in brown paper bags. Each weaver was to use at least one of the yarns in the bag to weave one or two scarves. Using up to 50% of one's own yarn was permissable.

At the November gathering, several people were done with one or more of their scarves and some people had woven scarves for the gift giving that weren't part of the brown bag exchange. So interpersed with the show and tell from the November meeting, some of these lovely scarves will be on display here along with pertinent information on the draft, yarns used and problems encountered.

The scarf shown in this post was woven by Diana. She painted a neutral colored cotton chenille skein at a local dye workshop. The scarf was woven using the painted yarn as warp and the unpainted neutral as weft. And what a stunning, soft scarf it is. Diana washed and dried her scarf and was dismayed that the twisted fringe wormed. She did some research and found a suggestion on the web about braiding the fringes rather than twisting them -- which is the finish she settled on. We all agreed that the teenager that gets this scarf will love wearing it.

Stay tuned for more show and tell from the November meeting. I plan to keep the blog posts shorter and hopefully more interesting to our weaving readers.

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