Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Scarf for Christmas giving #1

In the spirit of giving this year, our group is weaving scarves for teenagers in foster care. In that same spirit, each weaver will share the details with our readers. This scarf was woven by Gus using yarns supplied by Carol. The pink/purple is 6/2 cotton, the green is an 8/2 green rayon slub and the black was a 3/2 cotton from Gus stash. Gus used the Fibonacci sequence for her stripes and reversed the sequence in the middle of the scarf.

The scarf measured 6" in the reed and the sett was 12 epi. The length of the scarf is 60" and it has a 10" twisted fringe on each end. Below is the draft that was used.

This is an elegant and very drapeable scarf and I'm sure its new owner will love wearing it.

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Sharon said...

I threaded that for the warp I ended up cutting off. I still learned a lot, even if I don't have something to show for it. I now know about the M and W threading and am hot to try it for real.