Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inspiration from a Painting

Last month's blog post featured some towels that Gus wove using Wayne Thiebaud's painting, Large Pond as inspiration. This month we have two more interpretations.  The first is a top woven and sewn by Sue H.  shown below. 

Sue added a band with fringe around the neckline and also the bottom of the back making this a short sleeved jacket.  The warp for the trim is the same as the material for the top, but the weft colors differed.  Click on the photo above for a more detailed view of painting and handwoven top.

Here is a close up. What a great garment using the painting as color and texture ideas.

The next handwoven inspiration comes from Marcy's loom.  She wove a series of towels in colors found in the painting. 

All of the towels are lovely, but my favorite color combination is in the close up below.  The structures are twill and basketweave.

By the way, Thiebaud is pronounced Tee-bo!

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