Monday, March 22, 2010

Rugs and Baby Blankets - Problems and Solutions

Jackie H. has been weaving a series of rugs and right now she is working on rag rugs.   She brought a trial piece to the meeting that has been delegated for a little mat that the dog sleeps on in the kitchen (to keep him out from under Jackie's feet).  This rug is woven in a two block 3/1 and 1/3 twill; Jackie used strips of 1.75" wide fabric from her yardage stash for the body of the rug.  Then, she gave us a tip on how to finish off a hem.  She weaves four shots of rug warp, then several shots of fabric strips that are cut narrower than the rest of the rug weft.  For the turning point on the hem, there are another four shots of rug warp, several more of the rag weft and finish with four shots of rug warp yarn.  This makes the hem less bulky to turn and it also turns easily where there is a line of rug yarn used as weft.

The technique used on the hem, might come in handy for other handwoven pieces in which the hems are bulky.

Spring time always brings babies!  Marcy wove this lovely cotton blanket as a gift, but was dismayed that the fringe was so troublesome when she washed the blanket.  She has decided to stitch along the edge and then bind it with a satin binding instead of leaving it fringed.  We would love to hear from our readers about what they think of fringe on baby blankets and their favorite finishes.

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Sharon said...

I hem stitched and then cut the fringe at about 1 1/4" but I haven't had feedback, since the baby is still unborn.