Saturday, December 19, 2009

And more scarves #4

Jackie's brown bag contained yarns donated by Carolyn. There were several balls of cotton/wool in lovely colors of blues and turquoise and some mohair with long repeats of color. Jackie used the cotton/wool sett at 8epi for her warp yarns and the mohair as weft. The color repeats in the mohair yarn worked perfectly - what an elegant look!

This is the draft for the mohair scarf.

Since there was cotton/wool yarn left over, Jackie went to her stash and pulled out alpaca for the second scarf. This scarf was sett at 12 epi and the cotton/wool is used for color stripe accents along with the brown alpaca. The weft is all alpaca and will surely make this a favorite scarf for some lucky person.

Here is the four shaft draft for the alpaca scarf. Notice what reversing the points in the threading does for interest in the finished scarf.

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