Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Scarves for Giving #7

I (Beryl) got my yarns from Jackie. In my bag was a cone of yellow rayon boucle. I used this for the warp, sett at 20 epi. The weft is Sari silk for the plain weave picks and the same yarn as warp for the basket weave picks. A finer yarn would have been better for the basket weave picks.

Sometimes I did more than two picks of the Sari silk to make the striping more interesting.

I found the draft for this scarf in Weaver's magazine #12. It was used for a baby blanket on the back cover of that issue. In the draft above, the red picks are shown double to emphasize that they are heavier yarn -- you don't actually do two picks in each shed.

For my next scarf, I picked two more yarns from my bag. There was a chestnut brown rayon boucle and a finer beige rayon. I combined these with three other pink tone rayon and novelty yarns for the warp. I warped all five threads at once, separating them with a rigid heddle paddle. Then, I used an 8 dent reed and put four fine threads in one dent and the heavy novelty yarn in its own dent. The weft was a rayon single that I had overdyed a dusty pink.

This is a very long scarf -- finished length is 106" plus another four inch fringe on each end.

I found the draft on Alice Schlein's blog some time ago and have been looking for a reason to try it out. Alice suggested a random threading, but I used the same thread sequence throughout the warp, which gives a subtle diagonal stripe to the finished fabric.

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