Monday, December 21, 2009

Scarves for Giving #6

Dee's yarns came from the bag that Gus brought to the exchange. The bag contained a really special wool in a saturated red, which Gus had used in a lap robe project (shown in a previous post). When our group looked at the yarn we decided that there may have been some silk added to the wool, because it was really lusterous and very soft.

Dee's choice of draft was a two block twill design. She made two long scarves and one short one (a preteen size) on the same warp and used the red wool as her weft yarn. Her sett was 20 epi.
Dee used two different treadling sequences for her scarves. The draft that follows shows the regular tromp as writ treadling and an alternative treadling of 1-8/ The twill blocks done red on red are more visible with the light playing on the surface of the cloth than the photographs indicate.

These are stunning scarves in just the right color for Christmas and winter cheeriness.

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