Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas scarf #3

Marcy got her yarns from Igor's brown bag which contained pink ribbons, pink wool/rayon singles, and several shades of spring green cotton and wool yarns. She mixed them in the warp and used a variegated rayon chenille for the weft yarn -- which contained many of the warp colors.

Her weaving draft was taken from an old publication of helps and hints compiled by the Handweaver's Guild of America and is called a double rosepath. She sett the warp at 15 epi and dented it 2-1 with the heavier yarns in their own dent and doubling the finer ones.

The design is very subtle because of the variety of colors used in warp and weft. The fringe was left untwisted to show off the colors used in the warp.

The chenille makes this a very touchable scarf, which will be sure to please the wearer.
This is the draft used and the extension of twill lines, gives larger diamonds than a regular rosepath draft.

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